What Is GM Caben’s Simple Social Mobile Press PlugIn

Create Mobile Friendly APPs For Facebook

Create Mobile Friendly APPs For Facebook


Dear Fellow Marketing Professionals, Business Owners And Offliners,
I use this PlugIn in my business with Great Success.

I’d like you to check out…It might be worth your time.

The MOST Powerful Social Marketing Software Ever Created To Infiltrate Facebook Mobile Devices By Increasing Traffic Immediately And Boosting Your ROI By 65% So You Can Finally Capture The Mobile Traffic From Facebook…

A Quick Message From Sam Bakker……


GM Caben’s Super Simple Social Mobile Press Plug In Sale

All Types of Businesses From Small to Large… From Online to Offline to eCommerce Businesses Use Facebook Apps.
The Reason Why Businesses Use Facebook Apps is because They Work!

Here Are a Few of The Main Reasons Why Facebook Apps Work So Well:

** Trust of Facebook – Higher Conversions, People Trust and Feel Safe in Facebook
** List Building – Building Your Social “Like” list (Fans) and Your Email List at the Same Time
** Viral Traffic – Free Viral Traffic from Shares, Likes and Comments

Simple Social Mobile Press Intro

All Types Of Businesses Use Facebook Apps…
Here are some Examples of Different Types of businesses using Facebook Apps

Online Marketing Businesses
Selling Digital Products Online – Product Creators and Affiliates
Offline Businesses
Local and Offline Business Marketing
eCommerce Businesses
Selling Physical Products Online

Here are some App Samples…

Giveaway App

Smart Link:
Click the Smart Link from your PC and your mobile device to experience both forms of the app



Online Product Lead Gen App
Smart Link:
Click the Smart Link from your PC and your mobile device to experience both forms of the app.



Offline Business Coupon App
Smart Link:
Click the Smart Link from your PC and your mobile device to experience both forms of the app.




Run Tee-Spring Promotional Campaigns
Smart Link:
Click the Smart Link from your PC and your mobile device to experience both forms of the app.




Sweepstakes App
Smart Link:
Click the Smart Link from your PC and your mobile device to experience both forms of the app.



Now You Can Create & Launch Promotional Facebook & Mobile Apps
Run effective promotions seamlessly across Facebook and mobile devices.

You Can Also…

** Create Facebook Apps
** Create Native Mobile web Apps
** Smart Link Technology
** Publish on All Platforms
** Run Promotional Apps
** Build Highly Targeted Email Lists
** Run Tee-Spring Campaigns
** Create Viral Contests, Coupon Apps & Sweepstakes
** Sell This Service To Local Businesses
** Run Cheaper FB Ads For Mobile Users
** Simple Step By Step Training On How To Use The Software And System
* Sweeps Stakes
* Coupons
* GiveAways
* Discounts
* Lead Generator
* Works marketing your offers inside Newsfeed, Fan pages, Profiles,
Groups… on desktop and mobile devices!
* Integrate opt-in forms on your landing pages copy & paste
* Get 8 Different styles to choose from UNLIMITED campaign variations
* Create your campaigns from scratch and have them LIVE in seconds…
* Use this software with ANY of your Facebook pages to increase traffic immediately
* Finally drive MOBILE traffic instantly to any of your page promotion apps (THIS IS HUGE)

I truly believe that armed with this software nothing will stop you…
but I don’t want you to stop with this software!

I want you to blow your competition away and make more money than you EVER have online… so I had created the:

 Simple Social Mobile Press Premium Training System Videos.
Look over my shoulder as I take you by the hand and lead you to where the money is!

This is the BEST way you’ll find for generating a massive profit in 2014 and Beyond!

This is the system that’s going to help you break through!

This Tool Is Awesome, I have used it and I have used SSMP for my clients.
It’s a Great Tool For Any Facebook Marketing, especially for Capturing that 50%+ Mobile Crowd.

This is a MASSIVE opportunity to generate cheap clicks at a huge ROI promoting Mobile Ads over Facebook.

Click the button below to download Super Simple Social Mobile Press immediately and the comprehensive system for making money utilizing this software.

Before I forget I must remind you… right now this is a ONE TIME fee… no monthly, no trial periods then exorbitant fees. You get EVERYTHING today for a one time fee.

You’ve heard for to long… people making money hand over fist over Facebook.
It’s now time that you claimed your piece of the pie!

Get SuperSocialMobilePress, Today!

Here’s What You Can DO…

Pick Up GM Caben’s Simple Social Mobile Press Plug In System, Today.








Developer/MasterResell: Install on unlimited personal or client websites and use on unlimited personal or client Fan pages with no branding on the apps.

$37.00 w/Rights, and W/bonus 1-2


Well With In Any Professionals Budget.

I loved this software so much,
I Bought The Rights To It And I Am Passing Along A Good Product At A Good Price. That I Still Use In My Business.

Here’s What You Get…

Simple Social Mobile Press PlugIn Software

Simple Social Mobile Press Training System Videos

Install Tutorial
App Tutorial-FB App
App Tutorial2 – Mobile Web-App
App Tutorial3 Finalize & Polish

Special Note On SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate How To: Per Facebook Policy, If you are using apps, you must have a SSL Cert.
You can get it at your hosting provider for the site on wish you will be using with the SSMPlugIn.
SSL Cert Fees run yearly, at $10.00 a month or higher from your (or a) Hosting Provider.

I have special rates for my clients.
Or you can set it up yourself, via your HP.

Invest Today…Get Developer/Master Resell Rights To Simple Social Mobile Press For Facebook Apps

Buy Now-PayPal Safe








and I’ll throw in…

Special Bonus1 “SmartLink” PlugIn

The reason why we created SLP is for companies who all ready have have FB Applications and whom want to switch to a Social Mobile Application, AND want a mobile Solution.

Facebook applications are NOT mobile friendly, so 60%+ mobile users don’t see your add.
This App Helps To Fix That.

And Get The SMP Smart Link Tutorial.


Special Bonus 2: 

1Clk-Mobi-App-By GM-CabenMy One Click Mobil Web App


1Clk-Mobi-App-By-GM-CabenThis Is A Great Plug-In For Restaurants to Show Their Menu to Their Mobile Users.

I use this plug in in my business also, and Yes, I bought the Rights To This Plug-In TOO.

YOU can even add this as a Service to your Clients if you want to.








One Click Mobile Web App: WordPress Plugin Turns Any Site Into An App That Installs Directly Onto Any iPhone

One Click Mobile Web App is a revolutionary WordPress plugin that converts any site into a web app and allows visitors to install your entire website directly onto their iDevice – with it’s own custom icon on their home screen and a custom ‘loading page’ start screen.

“Your app loads on the users device by itself through apples own ‘web kit’ without a browser, making it impossible for the user to navigate away from your app…(unless you want them to)”

In just 4 steps, this plugin will turn any WordPress site into an Apple IOS friendly mobile web app…

STEP 1: iPhone visitors who visit your site are presented with an iOS pop-up instructing them to install your app.(with one click)

Uses any custom call to action to turn every visitor into an app install
Auto-detects users device to display the correct one-click instructions
STEP 2: Your web app installs on the users home screen with a professional, fully customizable app icon.

Users can see your app every time they use their iPhone
Powerful branding effect
Become the first place users go every time they need the service your website offers (like ordering a pizza)
STEP 3: Custom start screen loads instantly when users open your app

WordPress site loads in the background keeping the user entertained
Most iPhones browse on slow 3G networks – Loading screens are crucial!
Lowers bounce rate substantially
STEP 4: Your app loads inside Apples ‘web kit’ instead of their Safari web browser giving you full control over the users experience:

No navigation bar for the user to leave your site/app
Complete control of the users experience
No distracting browser buttons
The plugin automatically detects the users device and language settings then displays the correct instructions in their native language.

You can customize the pop-up message to incentivize installing the web app with any call to action:

Customize the pop-ups animation to give it an organic feel
Set the pop-up on delay, or let it disappear after a few seconds to enhance the visitors experience
Ability to target only returning visitors by not showing the pop-up on the first visit
Full control over when the visitors will see the pop-up again after closing it – remarket to get the maximum app install
Pop-up only displays to iPhone users who do not have the app installed
Put the plugin in test mode and the pop-up will show every time – great for showing it off to clients

You can also turn any image into a professional app icon that’s formatted for every Apple device instantly. There are PSD templates included to help format your images for every device, screen size, and orientation.

As a BONUS you get full control over the iPhone’s touch-to-call feature that auto-detects any phone numbers on your WordPress site and turns them into touch-to-call links.

Here’s how this plugin works with a live example:

This is an excellent plugin for “all mobile-optimized WordPress sites”. This is a ‘web app’ which is different from a native app on mobile devices. Web Apps are a much better way to deliver content on a mobile device as opposed to a simple ‘mobile website’.

The plugin would be putting an icon on top the users iPhone, which when clicked will take him to the company’s mobile site and therefore really more of an iPhone icon for user ease than an app in the traditional sense of the word.

As an example, generally, if we build a WordPress site we use a mobile redirect script which diverts Mobile users to a Mobile site built on the company’s m.subdomain using the FEM Fast Easy Mobile platform – You can add the plugin to the clients WP site without and disruption other than the pop over. The pop over would invite the used to download the app icon to his iPhone and once he did so when ever he click on the app/icon he would be taken to the FEM Mobile version of the site.

Tips for plugin use:

1) Use on a wordpress mobile website theme thats responsive like the one I listed above! Or if you have a responsive wordpress theme already then it will work well!

2) This is about getting your clients icon on the clients/customers iphones, Ipads, Macs!

3) This is not a true App but rather a short cut for you to use your mobile site as an simulated app.

-pop up to tell user to install on their home screen

– When user clicks that icon they get a splash screen whilst the site loads.
-Site doesn’t load inside safari so there is no url bar or google search window to potentially draw them away.

-Will support the new “mobile app” features as they are released as an industry standard.

The one thing that people (customers) need to know is that for people to use this, they do need to be connected to the web.

For one price you get the full developer rights to One Click Mobile Web App WP Plugin.


Features Behind The One Click Mobile Web App WordPress Plugin:

Plugin automatically detects the Users’ Device and Language Settings and Displays the Correct Instructions in their Native Language.

You can customize the Popup Message to encourage your Visitors with any Call-To-Actions like – Pop-Ups Animations for that Organic Feel, Set on Delay, Target only Returning Visitors, Appear only to those who do not have the App installed, Set on Test-Mode (Displaying for Clients)

Turn any Icon Image into a Professional App Icon – with 3D Gloss Effects & Rounded Corners

PSD Templates included to help you Format Your Images

Full Control Settings like – Customizable iOS Status Bar, No Navigation Bar, No Bookmarks or Browser Buttons, External Links open in Safari & keeping your App opened in Background.

Auto-detects any Phone Numbers on your WordPress Site and turns them into Touch-To-Call Links.

For Demos (Best Viewed on an iPhone, iPad or iPod)

Invest Today…Get Developer Rights To Simple Social Mobile Press Plug-In For Facebook Apps And One Click Mobile Web App Plug-In


For ONLY 37 Bucks

There You Have It, Two Powerful Plug-Ins that you can fire up and start using TODAY.

If your business is in Facebook, and you may spend considerable amount of time there a month. Then this is your chance to actually make more revenue then you are now, ON Facebook. With your Very Own FB-App, WordPress Plug-In That You Own And That You Can Sell, If You Want To. Put Your Name On It or Even Offer As A Service And Receive Monthly Recurring For Running Ads On Facebook For Businesses That Are On Facebook.
Remember, Facebook ads are not Mobile Friendly, Your ads will be seen by that 60% + Mobile Crowd with this Plug-In..

And A Huge Bonus #2
One Click Mobile Web App: WordPress Plugin That Turns Any WP Site Into An App That Installs Directly Onto Any iPhone, ipad, etc.

A WordPress Plug-In That Can Turn Your WP Site Into A Web App. Using HTML 5 Technology, That May Replace Standard Mobile Websites. You Also Own And Have Rights To This Product. You Can Sell It, If You Want To. Use it in your business to replace, or add to, an existing mobile presents.

This Plug-In Is Great For Restaurants and Tap-To-Call Menus, Lawyers, Chiropractors, The Spa, Gym ANY Business Really,
It Automatically Puts Your Icon, Right On Their Mobile Device. A Powerful branding effect.

You or Your Business Are Only A Finger Tip Away From Your Customers.
Put Your Name On It or Even Offer As A Service…

Who Needs A Mobile Website when you have “One Click Mobile Web App.”

This Also Comes With PSD templates, included to help format your images for every device, screen size, and orientation.

Tutorial videos come with Simple Social Media Press Plug-In
Owners Manual comes with One Click Mobile Web App

Two Great Plug-Ins At One Great Price.

Grab Yours Today!

Buy Now-PayPal Safe










I will not be having this sale long. Only a Limited few will be released by me.

These are Two Very Powerful Plug-Ins… using them TOGETHER…

I use these Plug-Ins in My Own Business, for Services I Offer and I Don’t want to end up having tons of competition for these services.

However,  that is why I paid For The Rights..To Share These plug-ins. Because These Plug-Ins Work.

So Get Yours Today!    

Well With in Any Professionals Budget