What Is Authority Marketing And How Do You Use It?

What is Authority Marketing? Let me start by saying that,

Being A Commodity In A Competitive Business
Is As Close to ‘Business Suicide’ As You Can Get!

Here’s the Unvarnished Truth, Folks:
The harsh reality of Local Marketing is that the market is getting dramatically more crowded and competitive every single day.

If you can’t find a way to differentiate yourself and establish your credibility and expertise beyond that of the next guy, you will be forced to pick up the ‘scraps’ of the market – left overs left behind after all of the real Local Marketing pros have grabbed the lion share of the best clients.

So how do you stand out from the masses?

You have to establish yourself as having unique expertise and qualifications that make you a more credible option than your competitors.

Your prospects will look at the landscape of options available to them and see you rise above.

But…how do you do that?

The Fastest Way to Establish Your Expertise and Credibility
With Your Prospects Is Still…
Being The Authority, The Go To Guy In Your Industry.

Think about it…

As a society, we still look up to those with credibility as having being a ‘level above’ the rest of the pack.

The Answer… Authority Marketing.
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What Is Authority Marketing And Is It Ethical

I am ask this question all the time. More so after I added this service to our platform.
Here’s an article by one of my mentors, Brian Horn. I really can’t explain it better…

Brian Horn is long-time entrepreneur and writer for The Huffington Post on the topic of authority marketing.

Before determining if authority marketing is in fact unfair, or just a smart business tactic, it behooves us to define what authority marketing is in the first place.

Authority marketing is in essence using your expertise to create for yourself a reputation as an authority in your chosen industry, which results in more business.

This marketing strategy has been used successfully by many celebrities and businesses and is a seemingly smart tactic when it comes to setting yourself apart from other industry professionals.

To say its an unfair advantage is a bit, well, unfair, because it is a tactic that is available to each and every entrepreneur and professional.

How to Know If You Are an Authority in Your Industry?

Before you begin utilizing the tactics of authority marketing, you must first decide if you are in fact an authority in your industry.

A common myth about authority marketing states that you must know everything about each aspect of your industry to be considered an expert, which is simply untrue.

You don’t even have to be the very best in your field to be an expert. Your answers to the following questions will help you determine if you can claim expert status in your industry:

Do you generally know more than your prospects, or customers, about your industry or product?
Are you willing to help your prospects?

If you answered yes to these questions, than you can consider yourself an authority in your chosen field. Remember; being an expert does not involve calling yourself an authority on a subject, but instead includes methods that encourage others to recognize you as such.

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