Web Business/Appointment Reminder/Revenue Recovery System W/Mobile

What Is:
The Custom Website Package With The Appointment Reminder/Revenue Recovery System And Mobile Website.
And How Can This Help My Business?

EXCLUSIVE:  You Will Not Find This Custom Website Package And Appointment ReminderRevenue Recovery System Anywhere Else On This Planet…

Local Business Marketing is how business owners are surviving in today’s market.
That’s why we have set up affordable Marketing Solutions for ALL Business Owners to help them get more leads and customers to their local business.


Custom Optimized Website With Custom Promo Video, A Mobile Website and
Our Appointment Reminder/Revenue Recovery System TOGETHER.

All Business Owners Have One Thing In Common.
We All Need Customers and Repeat Customers To Survive!

Let Me ask you a question…

How do you get more customers to buy from your Business?

Possible Answer: People buy from your Business because they Know, Like and TRUST You.
Or they would not buy from you in the first place. Right?

“Sales Is A Transfer Of Trust And Confidence.”

So How Do You Get Them To Know-Like and Trust You or Your Business?

Possible Answer:
You Build Relationships!

AND….Relationships Build Trust and Sales will follow.

Marketing 101. Right?

That’s Great, Yes! Your Right,

Although one might say,

This is all Depending, of course,
on your Compelling Offer and The Call To Action.

So….The Answers To “How do you get more customers to buy from your Business?”

Build Relationships and Get Them To Know, Like and Trust your Business Product or Service,
so they come back, again and again.

Simple and Easy Right?


Here’s Why:

People are Social these days and they are on the move constantly.

Consumers search for everyday things either on their computer or their smart phones. Mostly Smart Phones.
They’re on the go. Most of the time, on the move.

girltextingSociety has changed.
Information must be at the figure tips when people search and you have a mere 3 to 7 second window to grab their attention.

If that prospect doesn’t find what they are looking for in That 3 to 7 Seconds, The SALE IS LOST.
That’s Real World.

Think about it, people search all the time locally, and most of the time on the phone.

They search everything under the sun
and Most Importantly “We Are Creatures Of Habit”

If We Like It. We’ll Remember It.
Daily Search for local businesses has NEVER in our History been Higher than it is Right Now…

People search everything LOCALLY, wherever they are, and shop within a five mile radius of their home, everyday.
People search car repair, they look for location, price and phone number.

IF They Can’t find it, They Will Click Away…

They will look for a doctor, hair dresser or barber shop, retail stores, the location, phone numbers and hours.
They will look for a local fast food restaurant, they look for location, menus and phone numbers to order on the way home or at lunch.

IF They Can’t find it, They Will Click Away…

I am sure you understand what I’m talking about, everybody does it.

SO…Back To The Question….How do you get more customers to buy from your Business?
What Is The Answer?

You Must Build Relationships, Build That Know, Like and Trust.
And Create Repeat Buyers.

BUT, Most Importantly… The # 1 Answer Is…..

THAT They,

The Consumers,

Your Prospects,

Your Customers,

Your Repeat Buyers

Even Your Leads….

Everyone MUST Be Able To Find Your Business When They Are Searching Local,
First and Foremost.


AND They must be able to find what they are looking for within seconds.

Business Owners Must Be Pro-Active In Getting New Prospects To Their Business On A Regular Basis.
This All Starts Locally And With A Good Optimized Website With A Lead Capture System In Place.



Are You There And Can They Find You?

A Little.

Is There A Simple Solution?

You Just Need A Business Builder Tool To Help Your Local Business Get More Leads And Customers…
You Build Relationships Over Time. Hint: Mobile SMS

Simply Get Found Locally and Build Relationships via Know, Like Trust.
Bringing More Lifetime Customers To Your Business.

Make It Easy For Your Customers/Clients To Find You.
Make it an experience they will remember.

And Build A Solid Foundation Of Clientele That Will Last.
Remember that it is much easier to market to existing customers than it is to go out and get New Ones.


GM Caben’s Custom Website Package and Revenue Recovery System With A Mobile Website.

Here’s Why,

Your Getting Everything A Local Businesses Needs To Help Get More Prospects, Leads And Customers…
You Business will be visible online and mobile. The Custom Website Package Is…

Your Business Website

Your Business Website

A Professional or Personal Lead Capturing or Sales Producing 8 Page Website with a Custom “ShowCase”  Promo Video
With All the Bells and Whistles- That Count!  Optimized to Your Local Business.

Your website can include an Opt-In Form, Galleries, Photos, Google Maps, E-Commerce Shopping Carts, Videos, Audio Players and MORE…

We Listen To You And Build What You Need.

The Custom Website Package, W/Mobile AND Our Appointment Reminder/Revenue Recovery System is A Perfect Fit For…

All health Services, Dr’s, and Specialists,

Auto Repair- Service appointments, repair notices,

Wedding Planners, Attorneys, Solo Professionals,

Day Spas and Nail Salons Of All Kinds,

Gyms, Restaurants and Hotels,

Veterinarians, Schools and Colleges,

Personal Trainers, Sports Organizations,

Anyone Wanting To Update their existing website(s),

This Business Builder Is Perfect For Any Businesses That Relies On Appointments To Survive.

“The Owners of Our Custom Website Package And Revenue Recovery System
can incorporate this system into an existing website system
or use this as a Stand Alone – Leads System Generator.”

This Is Your Property. Your Business. We’ll Help You Decide The Best Way To Go.
This Package ALSO Comes With…



*** A Customized Promotional Video, Professionally Produced with High Quality HD, to Host on your New Website,

To “Showcase” Your Business. The Perfect “Lead In.”
You will need a YouTube Chanel and a Gmail Account.

From Video To Your Order Page, Menu, Squeeze Page or Landing Page, phone call.
You Name It. We’ll Direct Them There.

This System Is Designed To Capture Leads, Optimized To Get More Customers To Your Business And Save You Tons Of Time On The Phone Because When Someone Calls Out, You Just Text Your Customer Base With That Opening Time Slot Using Our Contact Manager.



They Text Back And It’s Filled In A Very Short Time, usually with in a few minutes. And Our System Also Saves You Hundreds To Thousands Of Dollars Each Month From Missed Appointments.

Its Main Purpose Is To Eliminate Lost Revenue From Missed Appointments.
You Will Gain Upwards of 20% to 30%, Right Out The Gate, Of Lost Revenue Back Right Away That You Otherwise Would Not Have.

I have clients that have almost eliminated that monthly loss.

Lets Re-Cap, This System Comes With:

Custom Optimized Website With Custom Promo Video, A Mobile Website and
Our Appointment Reminder/Revenue Recovery System TOGETHER.

*** A Professional or Personal Lead Capturing or Sales Producing 8 Page Website

*** Custom “ShowCase”  Professional Promo HD Video

*** A Mobile Website Up To 5 Pages, Optimized.

*** Set Up Mobile Website. Add Forms and Content.

*** Appointment Reminder/RevenueRecovery System
up to 2000 text month.

*** Set Up and Implement, Monitoring, Planning

*** Set up Mobile Opt-In List DataBase

*** Set Up Contact Manager/
Customize Online BackOffice (just log in)

*** Unlimited QR Codes

*** Training Videos FOR Your BackOffice
You will have access to our proprietary Mobile Platform.
(send text messages to your clients.)

*** No Marketing(SMS) Texting (SMS can be an add on)

*** Also Included In The System Is a Landing Page Platform that’s “hooked up” to the website itself.
to help build your list and relationships. You will be able to capture leads from your websites.
The Landing Page/Squeeze Page Can Be Used For Anything From Coupons To List Building.

*** One Year Free Hosting

*** One Year Domain Name Registrar

*** Mobile Ready Platform.

Please Note:  This System Doesn’t Come With Email or List Management.
Chances are you all ready have some sort of opt-in forms on your site and
some sort of email marketing going on, if not we’ll discuss the Best Options for you.

They Will Find You and CALL Your Business on their cell phones.

How To Get Started And How Much Is The Custom Website Package,
Mobile Site and The Appointment Reminder/Revenue Recovery System.

I don’t haggle on price.
We Get You Set Up For Lifetime Customers/Clients and GM Caben’s Business Builders Are Unique To Every Business.
No Two Business Builders Are Alike.

We Constantly Strive To Bring The Very Best Services And Huge Value To Our Clients.
And We Hope To Work With You On Future Projects.

Price Points are difficult because each business is different and not everyone needs the same services.
On average we see between $1200. to $3500. for this package, plus monthly fees like maintenance, text costs, hosting, domain etc.

But First we talk, make a decision, then I get what you need and what you can afford.

It comes down to this…
How much does it cost you to acquire just ONE New Customer.
How much is a Lead worth to your Business?

5-10-20 or more new leads a month, This system can help bring them in and the Appointment Reminder System
will help you keep them and fill that opened slot fast when you need to and at a better ROI to you each month.

This system will pay for itself in short order, like all my Business Builders.

You still have to use advertising and marketing in your business, of course.

The Website, Appointment Reminder Service and Mobile Site are the tools you need for
Better Acquisition and Retention of your customer/client base.

So You’ll Have An Online Business Website With A Mobile Site That’s Capturing Leads For Your Business And A Revenue Recovery System Bringing In That Lost Revenue From Your Monthly Cancellations.

You can also use this system with our Media Authority For Local Business Owners Program
or ANY Of Our Other Business Builder Programs And Really Dominate Your Local Area And Set You Miles Apart From ANY Competition.

We Are Huge Advocates, Consultants and Trainers For The Local Business Owner.
Our Products And Services Are The Best Tools Ava labile To Grow Your Business.

Start Getting Your Profit Funnel Up And Running.
Get Your Custom Website, Mobile Site And Revenue Recovery System TODAY!

Better Marketing, Better Services, GM Caben.

Lets Do This Schedule An Appointment With Me: Click Here

We can find the Best Solution for you.

Or Go To My Contact Desk at GM Caben.com
and fill out a support ticket if you still have questions..

I’d be glad to answer any of your questions.

To All Your Successes,

Turn Around time for the Custom Web Package, Custom video, and The Set Ups for Appointment Reminder System is 5-10 Days.
One year after launch Hosting is $22.00/Mo and Domain Registration is $12.00 year.

I’m always available, Got Questions…

Head over to our contact desk at GM-Caben.com and leave me a message, I’d love to here from you.