SMS/MLS Virtual Tour Catalog System – Real Estate




“Become The Leading Real Estate Sales Professional You’ve Always Dreamed Of…
With An Interactive Virtual Tour Lead Generation System.”





I’ve Combined Text Messaging Technology With The Power of
YouTube Videos And What You Get Is…

An Instant Virtual Lead Generation and Capture Catalog System.

Same idea as the Virtual Tours for Car Dealerships, but instead of cars we have homes for sale.


Sample Flyer

Sample Flyer


Turns Every Square Inch Of Your Print Advertising You Have Out There In To A High Gravity,
Customer Inter Active Ad Space!

** Prospect can Instantly text specific property listing info upon
request 24/7. From a magazine, flier, print ad, property signage, etc.

** You Know within 30 seconds who is looking at the property and You
know their phone number.

** You are alerted via Text, Phone or email within 30 seconds.

** Set up custom automated text responses, which IS the Virtual Tour

We create a Video for each mobile keyword. You can have Unlimited Virtual Tours.

(Addresses or Listing Numbers. The KeyWord is that properties identifier.)
EX. Text Address to 72727 to see Virtual Tour of that listing.
** Your Get Your Own Custom Online Mobile Back Office Log In Area.
I will Set up and manage your Text Messages.

However if you so desire, YOU can have access to the Mobile Plateform
and Do-It-Yourself, but you MUST go through the Platform Training Videos.
(so you know your way around the platform)

** Effortlessly generate a mobile database of home buyers to contact
in the future with new property listings.

** The “List” or Database can be Grouped Geographically, Multiple
Lists Of Geo Targeted Buyers!

** Quickly launch mass text messaging campaigns right from your
own cell phone with one text message or using our web-based

EX: Open House: Today Only- 1pm to 5pm @ 123 Main Street,
complimentary Buffett and Guest Speaker. 1 Day Only.

** Streamline the lead generation process allowing you to spend less
time and money attracting clients, while at the same time
attracting more loyal repeat clients than ever before.

** Schedule text message alerts or reminders to go out at specific
dates and times.

** Save Money On Printing Costs and Classified Ads.

** Unlimited Texting up to 500 texts a month

** Unlimited Keywords ex: TEXT: (Identifier, Address) to 72727

** I will Set up Dedicated, Mobile Compatable YouTube Channel

** Optimize YouTube Channel settings properly for Good SEO
Not only will that listing get tons of exposure, via Google, but the ad itself
is Highly Interactive. Can You Say: Geo-Targeted Warm Leads.

You can have 1, 5, 10, 30, 100’s, an army of Virtual Tours promoting your properties all at the same time.
You’d better hire an assistant.

[NOTE: It will probably be the cheapest form of advertising you’ve done because we just integrate with your existing ad, and I guarantee you that it will be the most effective lead generation and client acquisition system you’ve ever used.]

All Controlled By The Online Control Panel


Contact Manager at CabenMobileMedia

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So Simple And Powerful And WELL WITHIN Any Serious Professionals Budget.