SMS Virtual Tour Catalog System – Car Dealership




What if I could show you a way to cut down the time associated with Bad Print Ads and No Responses to those ads.
And Actually Get People to pick up the phone and Call You.

What If I Could show you a way to get your vehicle listings in front of Eager GEO-Targeted Qualified HOT Leads 24/7.
Would that be of interest to you?

If You are already using print ads, How would you like to make them better?

In fact… How would you like Me to “Transform Every Square Inch Of Your Print Advertising INTO In To An Instant High Gravity, Customer Hyper-Inter Active Ad Space!” That draws hot prospects to you like a moth to a street light, for as long as that ad runs.

Now You Can.

We’ve Combined SMS (TEXT) Marketing With The Power Of YouTube Video And Got:

GM Caben’s Mobile SMS Virtual Test Drive Catalog System For Car Dealership Professionals.

It’s So Simple, It’s Crazy!

We just integrate a line of text with your existing ad.



They Text Stock Number, You Get Their Phone Number


Text: Stock # of ANY LISTING To 72727 For An Instant Test Drive Virtual Tour


** You Know Within 30 Seconds Who Is Looking At The Property
And You Know Their Phone Number.
** Unlimited Custom Automated Text Responses,
Which Are The Virtual Tours.
** Unlimited Texting Up To 500 Texts A Month
** Unlimited Keywords(unit stock #)
** Unlimited QR-Codes
** Create Multiple Lists Of Geo Targeted Buyers!
** Streamline The Lead Generation Process
** Save Money On Printing Costs And Classified Ads.
** 24/7 Client Aquisition System.
** Custom Back Office

The prospect watches your Virtual Tour, People Love Watching Video on Their Cell Phones and your contact info is though out the video.

You get instant notification, with in 30 seconds via email. text message or phone call, that someone is looking at that listing.
You Make That Phone Call, Prospect turns into a hot lead and you do your thing.

It Really Is A Beautiful Thing, The System Pre-Qualifies them for you.
They Have Seen The Video, took the Virtual Test Drive and WANT MORE.

GM Caben’s Mobile SMS Virtual Tour Catalog System For Car Dealership Professionals
Truly Is An Interactive Virtual Tour Lead Generation System.

Its Easily Integration with your Listings… AND THAT…

Turns Every Square Inch Of Your Print Advertising You Have Out There In To A High Gravity,
Customer Inter Active Ad Space!

I Can Tell You That This Will Be The Cheapest Form Of Advertising You’ve Ever used.
ALL You Do Is Just Add A Line Of Text To Your Existing Print Ads. That’s It.

So Simple And Powerful And WELL WITHIN Any Serious Professionals Budget.