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Are You Getting A Bad Reputation From Those Pesky Bad Reviews?

Did You Know….

80% of customers are influenced by advice received on social media about products and services, according to market studies. What does this mean for you? You need to know what is being said about your brand online.

93% of Internet experiences out there begin by using a search engine. Your customers are looking online to learn more about your business, but do you know what they’re reading?

First contact is the most important. First impressions determine positive or negative reaction.
And Reputation is Everything online!
Don’t let your reputation online go Unchecked!


With the rise of the “Review Sites” and the social atmosphere on the web, many small business are suffering the effects of “Negative Feedback” on top of this bad economy.

The worst part is, in many cases the person writing the review is just having a bad day and is letting everyone know about it.

Another interesting fact is that a lot of these negative reviews could have STOPPED before it went online with a simple suggestion box, in plain view, so customers or clients can vent, right then and there, getting it out of their system.

Make no mistake, negative feedback is definitely effecting your business and you need to fix that. The sooner the better.

When you work with us, we help you track what is being said about your business and your brand and stop the negativity in its tracks. We will:

Monitor what has been said about your business and your brand.
Help you get positive reviews that will bolster your business growth.

Commit to a one-two punch approach to create a powerful goodwill atmosphere around your business and your brand.

Customers are naturally influenced by what others say about their experiences with any company or brand.
By stopping the negativity when it happens with real time monitoring, we will help you to have a better chance at combating negative and incorrect reviews.



So, we will work with you to help you grow your image in a positive light online by encouraging positive reviews from your happy clientele from the beginning.

Most business owners love to here comments about their customers experience with them.
Give your customers that opportunity.

We will improve your search engine image and once you know what is being said, the next step is to push the negative reviews out of sight of potential customers searching for your business online.

These can come in the form of any of the following:

Hostile smear campaigns from competitors
Embellished bad reviews on blogs
Biased reports on news sites
Antagonistic comments from unknown people.

We have found a unique way to make your positive reviews more dominant in the eyes of the search engines. By dedicating a large amount of time, effort and expertise toward making your positive reviews popular.

We are able to bring them up to the top of the search results naturally just by making the algorithms work in your favor.
The next question is: How long will this process take?

The length of time that it takes to fix your reputation depends on many factors.
We have corrected problem issues within 30 days, but sometimes it can take 4-6 months.

If you are being told something more aggressive than this, you are not being told the whole truth.

There is no ethical or legal way to speed the process up, so be aware of what people are saying, the sooner the better.
Things that could determine the length of a campaign, 1 month versus 4 months:

What websites are having the most issues?
If you have bad review on,, BBB, Yelp, etc.
The good news is we can fix it, but sites like these will take 4-6 months to be removed from page 1.

There are exceptions to this rule: please contact us and we can give you a better understanding of how long it will take.

The amount of items on page 1 and 2.
We have to look at what is on page 1 and 2.
The more negative content you have, the longer it will take.

How many positive items are out there?
If you have a lot of positive posts, especially on authoritative websites like Linkedin, Facebook, Press Releases, etc.,
and they are already positioned on the first few pages of the search engine results,
our job will be less difficult than if you had nothing online about you at all.

The Costs

This varies greatly depending on complexity of the attack. Our prices start at $49 to $1200 per month and can go up or down from there.

We price ourselves within most budgets, but sometimes a scaled down budget can mean it would take longer to fix the issue. We will let you know all of your options and what you can expect from those campaigns.

Can You Guarantee Anything?

While we cannot guarantee a specific drop in your negative results, just like we can’t guarantee that your customers or clients will like you and that they will stop those pesky reviews. Some issues need to be addressed “InHouse.”
However, partnering with us will not cost you an arm or leg and we do have many techniques that are very successful and low cost. We can say that your Reputation will improve as a result of our services.
How we do it…

The GM Caben’s Reputation Management process is an easy one to explain. We will use existing positive content about your business or brand, or work with you to create something new, in some extreme cases we will need additional websites, I will provide up to 3 WordPress Template Websites, you purchase the domains and hosting.
We will promote your websites so that the search engines find it the most relevant for your company and brand terms.

We can not control Google, Bing or Yahoo etc., but we understand how their algorithm works very well.

We incorporate industry-approved, advanced Search Engine Optimization tactics to ensure the content that you want ranked is ranked and visible.

We will start by evaluating what types of positive content exist about your company or brand online.
If there is enough of this information, this will be the foundation of our promotions.

If we feel that there is not enough content about your company or brand on the web for us to complete our job, we will create content with your team and push it through social Web 2.0 sites like Blogs, Digg, Twitter, Facebook etc.

The idea is to then take this positive content and promote it using our proven Search Engine Optimization Techniques.
The Internet has made every review, good or bad and every comment and business transaction readily available for everyone to view.
We know of not one company that has a perfect customer service history. You try your best. But it only takes a single customer, employee or jealous competitor to ruin your online reputation.
It is just too easy for someone to make you look bad.

Overall Strategy

When our services are retained, we get to work that day. Our primary objective is to remove the attack sites from page 1 in Google. This is where 98% of the traffic goes.

During our first month of the campaign, we will strategise on what asset sites / messaging we want to see come up in the search engines.
If you are lacking asset sites, we will form deliverables on what we will be building for you.
Once decided upon, we will move forward on contract deliverables in order to promote and rank these asset sites, again if needed. We understand the situation you are in, and will take swift action.

Who needs it?

Any company that has been, or is about to be, the brunt of an online attack.

Put simply, protecting your brand or business from an attack is a lot easier than reacting once something bad has happened.
Not only does defending your business from an attack potentially take months, which could mean thousands of dollars in business.

It is cheaper to protect your business than it is to defend your company.
How much does it cost?

Again, everyone situation is different. No two campaigns are ever exactly alike.
Our campaign packages start at just $49.

Outranking bad reviews from Google gives you a clean start with your online reputation. Long term commitment is necessary to ensure the negative reviews will stay buried in the search engine results.

Sustain a positive image and be in more control of your online presents and rankings.

To Move Forward:

Please fill out the request form in the Contact Desk and we will get back to you the same business day.


 Part Of GM Caben’s Local Business Builder Programs


GM Caben’s Reputation Management Packages

 Basic Pack

1x fee of $375.00 /$49.00Month optional

( to keep video at #1 it needs monthly maintenance)

** We Create an optimized high quality testimonial video with professional voice over.

You supply the pictures, we do the rest.

This video will show up on the first page of Google.

(additional testimonial videos $77. ea.)

** Set up custom You Tube Channel for your future videos.

** Submission to the main directories Google, Bing and Yahoo.

** Set up and Optimize Google Plus

** Submit to Yelp, Angies List, Merchants Circle

** Create One Custom Optimized PDF Document

with Internal Links, to submit to document sharing sites.

Note: This package comes with or without a monthly fee and price points May Change.


Pro Pack

1x fee $679.00/ $299.00 month

Includes The Basic Pack and…

*** We Create 4 additional optimized high quality testimonial video with professional voice over.

*** We generate 5 original articles and submit to article sites (from core text data supplied by you or your website)

*** We submit written articles to various popular review sites.

Up to 5.

*** We complete multiple video distribution of custom videos to popular video sites and interlinking them.

*** Submission to 500 most popular Online Directories

*** Create Up To 5 Custom Optimized PDF Documents

*** Access To My Secret Weapon Our

(some restrictions apply)

*** Register your business with Manta

*** Register you or your business with LinkedIn

*** Customized Facebook Page

*** Create a Free Lead In Report to give away to build your list of

Note: This package price points May Change.


Enterprise Pack

1x fee $975.00/$499.00/month

Includes Basic and Pro Packs Plus…

This Package is designed not only to clean up your Rep, but to also create the BUZZ about your business that will enable you to grow your business

and take it to the next level with MOBILE Texting Campaigns.

You will get your very own Custom Mobile Platform at

Caben Mobile Media


**** Set Up VIP Mobile Club for you at CabenMobileMedia and Blast out Specials, Coupons to ALL your Customers. 4X month

Bringing In More Customer Every Day.

Who NEEDS Groupon!

**** Unlimited Keywords

**** Set up a SMS Survey for Instant Positive Reviews.

**** Mobile Ad Campaign Planning

**** Mobile Ad Set Up and Implement

**** Set up and Implement Offline Short Code-Mobile Keyword Promotional campaigns.

**** Set up Mobile Opt-In List Database

**** Set up and Implement Text Campaign

**** Ongoing Mobile Marketing Monitoring, Planning, Implementation

**** Manage Entire Mobile Campaign Monthly

(Just let me know what Specials you have on what days.)

**** Make Existing Site Mobile Ready (Limited)

**** Create Mobile Site/Landing Page ( 3 pages)

**** QR-Code Campaign set up 1x

**** Unlimited Custom QR-Codes

**** QR-Code Campaign Monitoring and Maitenance/Monthly

**** Create Mobile Coupons- 1x setup

**** Mobile Coupons Campaign Monitoring, Tracking, Maintenance

**** Set up Text and Short Code and Mobile Keywords Platform

**** Create a Side-show Video with Positive Reviews. Optimized.

**** Submission to Over 2500 Directories Across the Internet.

Note: This package price points May Change.


We take your business very seriously. We can bring you more leads and more customers and fix any Reputation issues you may have..

That’s A GM Caben Promise.

Well with In Every Professionals Budget.

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With Any Of The Above packages, We Can Add Media Authority, As Seen On, Logos To Any Package For Max. Results.
Special Rates Do Apply.




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