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” I no longer compete on price. I charge the highest rates in my market, and customers happily pay it just to work with me. My clients even brag to their friends about working with a ‘celebrity’. Its an amazing feeling to finally get paid what I’m worth.”
~ M. Lawrence , Hair Stylist.


” I never have to chase prospects or ‘sell’. Because they saw me positioned as an expert in the national media, they came ready to join and start right then.”
~ K. Brown-Mitchell , Yoga Instructor.


“Anytime I go to industry events, I’m mobbed and treated like a star! It feels so good to know that my message resonates and helps so many people.”
~ B. Foster , Health and Beauty Representative.






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Media Authority Placement


I Had To Think Long And Hard To Come Up With The Perfect Bonuses For This Service.

I Wanted Something With Extreme Value.
Something That Would Help You And Your Business To Really Set You Apart From The Rest Of The Business Owners Out There.

Information IS Knowledge And Knowledge IS Power.
So, That Was What Was Needed. Knowledge.

This Knowledge Can Be Applied To You AND Your Business.

So, I Will Hand Over My Personal Collection Of Exclusive
Forward Thinking E-books.

Written By Some Of Histories Most Famous Authors.

You Will Own A Life-Changing Self-Development Library.

With RESELL RIGHTS, To hand out to your List, Clients, Customers or Subscribers. Anyone you think will benefit
from this Wisdom. Or you can Sell them to make money. ( Consider even having some printed up) Whatever you think.

Your Choice.

Picture yourself immersed in amazing wisdom from the great teachers themselves….

If you ever wanted to unlock the secrets to…

Personal Power

Unlimited Wealth

Easy Weight Loss

Fantastic Relationships

Your Life Purpose

and much more

…Then This Wonderful Timeless Library Is For You.

Just imagine doing whatever you do now, but better, faster, with more clarity and amazing enjoyment.
It’s all possible when you discover the insights from this Powerful Library…

Here is just a Partial List of the Massive Collection.

Over 25 MB

There are “67 Forward Thinking Books”:

Aaron Martin Crane – Right and Wrong Thinking
Aesop – Fables
Annie Besant – Thought Power
Arnold Bennett – How to Live on 24 Hours a Day
Arnold Bennett – Mental Efficiency
Blanchard Yorimoto – Common Sense
Brown Landone – How to Turn Your Desire and Ideals Into Reality
Bruce MacLelland – Prosperity Through Thought
Charles F. Haanel – Mental Chemistry – HOT
Charles Fillmore – Prosper
Charles Haanel – The Master Key System
Christian Larson – The Ideal Made Real
Christian Larson – Your Forces and How to Use Them – HOT
David Grayson – Adventures
Earl Prevette – How to Turn Your Ability Into Cash – HOT
(This Book Is One Of My Favorites)
Elizabeth Towne – Just How to Wake the Solar Plexus – HOT
Emile Coue – Self Mastery
Genevieve Behrend – Attaining Your Desires – HOT
Genevieve Behrend – Your Invisible Power
Henry Thomas Hamblin – The Power of Thought – HOT
Henry Thomsa Hamblin – Within You is the Power
Horatio Dresser – The Power of Silence – HOT
James Allen – Above Life’s Turmoil
James Allen – As a Man Thinketh – HOT
James Allen – The Path of Prosperity
James Allen – The Way of Peace
Mark Victor Hansen – The Miracle of Tithing – HOT
Mildred Mann – How to Find Your Real Self – HOT
Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich – HOT
Ralph Waldo Trine – In Tune With the Infinite
Ralph Waldo Trine – The Greatest Thing Ever Known – HOT
Ralph Waldo Trine – The Man Who Knew – HOT
William Atkinson – The Secret of Success – HOT
William Atkinson – Thought Vibration – HOT

You can quickly transform your life with just one of these outstanding books.
Imagine what your life will be like with 67 life-changing books!
(Of course they can’t do anything for you if you don’t read them!)

Then There’s My Reports…

GM Cabens “Customer Lifetime Value” Report
and “Value Of A Lead” Report

With these two reports we can determine the lifetime value and profit from your customers.
You’ll know Exactly what you will receive Ultimately from each customer
and how much your business can spend to acquire that customer.

I use this information DAILY in my own business. A Very Handy Set Of Reports.


My “How Google HangOuts Can Bring Your Local Business More Customers”
This is an A-Z Google HangOut-How To Report.

My “Google Plus Blueprint For Local Business Owners” Report
Understanding how Google Plus works and how to properly set it up is a Breeze with this report.

“The Productive Entrepreneur”
This is an Insightful E-book With 45 Tips To Motivate and Energize The Entrepreneur To Greater Heights Of Productivity.

Then there’s my report, “7 Mistakes Most Local Businesses are making with their advertising”
Advertising is the engine that drives global business, a $500B Per Year Industry.
Small Business has been out of the loop, until now.

Then My “Online Lead Generation For Your Local Business” Report.
Basically I go through what most businesses are doing wrong and the right ways to generate repeat buyer leads.

And several more reports.
These Reports Are Exclusive. Your getting them here.

220 Success Principles
365 Power Sales Methods
Offline Business Traffic
The Art Of Selling

These Are ALL Yours With Your Media Authority Placement Today.


* My Collection of 67 Forward Thinking E-Books.

* GM Caben’s “Customer Lifetime Value” Report
and “Value Of A Lead” Report

* “How Google Hang-Outs Can Bring Your Local Business More Customers”

* “Google Plus Blueprint For Local Business Owners” Report

* “The Productive Entrepreneur”

* “Online Lead Generation For Your Local Business” Report

* “7 Mistakes Most Local Businesses Are Making With Their Advertising”

* “Online Lead Generation For Your Local Business” Report

* “220 Success Principles”

* “365 Power Sales Methods”

* “Offline Business Traffic”

* “The Art Of Selling”

That’s OVER 80 Very Informative E-Books. That Are Designed To Change Your Life And Your Business When You Order Your
Media Authority Placement Program Today.

However, You Must Apply This Wisdom For The Magic To Happen.

This Collection Along With Your Media Authority Logos WILL Get You Noticed And Will Be Way Ahead Of Your Competition.

Success Is Knocking At Your Door, So Let It In.




Media Authority Placement







Please Note: Because Of The Nature Of This Package, Meaning The Time, Effort and Cost Spend Of Creating And Submitting Your Press Release To The Major News Media and the The Photo Editing. We Can Not Offer Any Refunds. To Much Work Goes Into Your Project And The Cost Of Your Projects Being Completed On Time Makes A Refund Impossible. Simply To Many Moving Parts.

Please Make Sure That Authority Media Placement Is For You BEFORE You Invest.

ALSO Make sure that the PHOTO you want the logos on is edited by you BEFORE submission to us.

There will be NO RE-DOs Or Re-Takes Of Your Image.
(Unless You Want To Pay An Extra For That Portion Of The Process At The Cost Of $300.00.)
We put the logos on the photo AS IS. Recommended size is 500x500px.

Just For Your Information, We Have Done 100’s Of Media Placements And Not Once Has There EVER Been An Issue Of A Refund, That Says A Lot About This Service.

Don’t Worry. I’ll Send You Step By Step Instructions And Examples, Very Simple Process.