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Media Authority For Business Owners

We're Different On Purpose, Experience What's Working... Today.
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Media Authority For Business Owners

We're Different On Purpose, Experience What's Working... Today. 

Attention: All Business Professionals.

Attorneys, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Doctors, Contractors of All Sorts, Beauty Salon Professionals, Trainers And Health And Spas Professionals…

You ALL Need This.

All Business Owners Need This Simple Tool To Get More Clients/Customers.

So…What Is It?


Why Media Authority?
  • Be That Authority In Your Field.
  • Get Noticed And Stand In Front Of All Your Competitors.
  • People Trust News Media.
  • First Impressions Do Matter.
  • Grab Their Attention.
  • Raise Perceived Value - Charge More For Your Services.
  • “As Seen On” Media Logos Last A Lifetime.
We Get You Noticed, Your Prospects And Customers Will Choose You To Do Business With.

News Media - People Trust.

People Do Business With Brands They Trust.

We will put you in front of your prospects and customers, and keep you there.

You Or Your Business Need To Stand Out From Your Look-A-Like Competitors, And Be That Authority In Your Field And Be The One People Prefer To Do Business With Because Of It.

Authority Marketing Is A Booming Industry And Becoming An Authority In Your Field Is Almost A Requirement For Getting Prospects To Even Notice You These Days.


“Positioning yourself as an authority is the single most important thing you can do to increase your perceived value to your market place.” Traffic and Conversion Summit- 2014 – Frank Kern – Internet Marketing Legend.

You Know That First Impressions Do Matter.

We Raise Our Clients Perceived Value To Their Customer Or Client Base, Which Makes The Decision To Do Business With Our Clients Easier For Their Prospects And Customers.  Which, In Turn, Means Premium Pricing For You.

Marketing 101 Says… You Have 7 Seconds To Get Their Attention. GM Caben’s “As Seen On” Media Authority Logos Grab That Attention And Directs It To You Or Your Business.

Our Case Studies Show...
A 50% To 75% Increased Click Through Rates, just having these logos on a picture with the business or the owner.

Put Logos In Your Business Brand And Profiles On Your LinkedIn & Facebook profile. • Your website • Your brochures • Your advertisements • Your business cards • Your newsletter - Stand Out In The Search

We Will Submit Your Press Release To The Major Media 
You will become a quoted expert, in your field. The major media networks pick it up as news worthy and spread it around to the other news networks.

You Get Cited In the major media (Guaranteed) and YOU can then,
and Only Then, Sport the NBC-CBS-ABC-FOX Logos on Your Business or Yourself.

“As Seen On” News Media Logos Last A Lifetime. And There’s No Monthly Fees. Media Authority “As Seen On” Logos Are An Instant Credibility Tactic and A Powerful Conversion Tool.

Wouldn’t It Be Great If You Could Say….

If you could confidently and honestly say those things, in the next few weeks… is there a reason you wouldn’t want to be a part of it?
“I no longer compete on price. I charge the highest rates in my market, and customers happily pay it just to work with me. My clients even brag to their friends about working with a ‘celebrity’. Its an amazing feeling to finally get paid what I’m worth.”
 ” I never have to chase prospects or ‘sell’. Because they saw me positioned as an expert in the national media, they came ready to buy and buy right then.”
“Anytime I go to industry events, I’m mobbed and treated like a star! It feels so good to know that my message resonates and helps so many people.”
Get Media Placement Now and Start Getting Noticed!.
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