Marketing Strategy with Mobile Coupons

The most basic Mobile Marketing Strategy is to send “Mobile Coupons” or other marketing messages direct to your prospect or customer’s cell phone. The coupons/marketing messages arrive as regular “text messages” and are received just like any other text message.

The importent thing here to remember is that Mobile Marketing can work with your “Exsisting” marketing meduims, you can place a call to action on any or ALL of these.

Text Campaigns

In order for your customer to get a mobile coupon from you, you need to obtain what is called a “Common Short Code” (CSC for short). The CSC is typically a number consisting of five or six digits. ( some just call it “Short Code)

A real good example would be…

If you’ve ever seen an episode of “American Idol” or “Dancing With The Stars” you’ve likely heard them say something like… “text ‘Troy’ to 12345” to place your vote for Troy.

The “12345” they are referring to is the Common Short Code. Basically, you can think of it as a phone number, only shorter.

Short Code’s are leased to businesses on a monthly basis (with a minimum three month term) and generally cost between $500-$1,000 per month depending on whether or not you require a “vanity” number that spells out a word.

However, our short codes are much cheaper for our clients.

The biggest agency that leases CSC’s is the Common Short Code Administration and you can learn more about their pricing structures here:

While the monthly CSC leasing charges aren’t exorbitant, they don’t cover anything more than the leasing of the Common Short Code. This is why most firms charge $2,500 or more (per month) to setup the system and provide a marketing plan.

Fortunately, our system works a little bit differently than most and while there are some “downsides” to point out, the benefits far outweigh them!

Some systems allow business owners to send coupons or other marketing messages direct to their customer’s phones (referred to as a “broadcast” message) without their express request.

Our “basic” system does not allow for this. Instead, the customer (or anyone who has seen an advertisement) is given the opportunity to text a “particular word” to the CSC number mentioned.

Here is an example of how our “basic” system might work for a restaurant:

An ad is placed in your storefront window (or in your local newspaper, or put on a bus bench, etc.). The viewer sees something like this…

Want To Get A Great Meal At
Joey’s Family Restaurant And
SAVE 20% On The Total Bill?

Just text “JoeysDiscount” to 72727
and we’ll send you an instant coupon…
straight to your phone!

(offer expires: December 31st, 2013)

Now, that’s just a fictitious example, but you get the idea.

To redeem the coupon, they can simply show their phone to someone at the business or they can call a phone number and tell them the coupon code they received… whatever makes the most sense for your particular business.

There are a number of benefits to our system. As the request is made by your prospect, you won’t upset anyone or get accused of “spamming.” This is key to maintaining a quality reputation.

Also, it is easy to track your campaign’s effectiveness.

(by logging how many times your customers are showing you their phone or calling with the special “coupon code”).

As the process is “new” and “fun,” you may find that your campaigns become “viral” as people tell their friends and family about your “cool mobile coupon offers.”

In fact we have strategies in which we use surveys and polls were there’s a “Winner”. People just go nuts over this stuff and goes viral almost over night.

Lastly, because of our unique system, our service is priced far lower than our competitors and it includes full setup and help developing an effective marketing plan.

We have also put together Video Tutorials to help you along with the process, and you have Me to guide you with your Campaigns. You are in Total Control.

Mobile Marketing is the Best thing to come around for the Local Business Owner in a Long Time.

Using this technology with Solid Marketing Princibles is a Tremendious Value.

Make the decision to use Mobile Marketing and if you get the chance to have a Mobile Marketing Expert to work with You 1 on 1, Jump On It.

If you have any questions, just fill out a Support Ticket at our Contact Desk at :

I will contact you with your concerns. 1 on 1.


Our “basic” setup can be expanded and is really only limited by one’s imagination. One way to extend a campaign’s effectiveness is to add email marketing into the mix.

Here’s an example of how that can work:

Like before, your prospects will text a pre-defined word to your CSC number. This will instantly send them whatever message you want conveyed.

This could include things like…

Discount coupons/code (as previously mentioned)
News about an upcoming sale (details as to the dates/times and discounts to be offered)
Store hour changes (or anything else that may be time-sensitive)
A live link to a special web page where you build your email list
??? – Whatever content you want them to see!

While all of the above have their place, the building of the email list is generally the most powerful.

Your message could tell them to go to your site to signup for your email list that will give them more (and better) discount offers from your business.

The message generally is a call to action, they are requested to do something.

Those that signup will receive whatever email content you send out in addition to the ability to receive mobile text messages (just as before).

As your prospects will have “opted in” to receive emails from you, you won’t risk damaging your reputation or worrying about potential spam complaints.

This extends the “basic” system quite a bit and gives you two different marketing channels through which to connect with your prospects/customers.

Of course, if you really want to be able to send “broadcast” messages to your customers via their cell phones we can help you set that up too. It’s just that we’ll need to set up the “more traditional system” that will require a longer commitment and a much higher monthly charge.

List Management is vital for your business long term prosperity. Your list will evolve into that very much sought after “Repeat Buyers List”

Worth Its Weight In Gold.


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