How Do We Build Your List

We'll Build Your List, Starting Today!

We’ll Build Your List, Starting Today!


How Do We Build A Voluntary Opt-in Cell Phone Number List, An Asset For You.

Here’s what our philosophy is based on:

1. The estimates are that within two years, 60% of all internet traffic will originate from mobile devices.

2. It takes 90 minutes for the average person to respond to an email.
It takes 90 seconds for the average person to respond to a text message.

3. On average, 95% of all text messages are opened within five minutes of being received.
That compares to a 25-28% open rate for emails.

4. The easiest way for someone to access the internet from a mobile phone is through a link in a text message.

Based on these facts, it all begins with building a voluntary opt-in list of cell phone numbers.
That we can market to, or accuire leads for fundraising or volunteer recruitment.

We do that by giving people a compelling reason to text a keyword (a word that is unique to your organization and also unique to the message you want to send and the database you are trying to build) to a short code (a five-digit phone number). When someone does that, they receive a custom-designed text message back. The message could contain any of the following, or any combination of these things, depending on what we are trying to accomplish:

** Instructions to do something

** A link to a mobile website where they can get more information or make a donation using their credit card

** A link to a video

** A coupon

** An invitation to enter a text-to-win contest

** An invitation to answer a poll or cast a vote

** Valuable information they are looking for

When someone initiates the text, their cell phone number is recorded in the database. The number will be stored based on the keyword they respond with. This allows us to send future texts out to various databases with different messages.

When we start building a database, we want to think about the kinds of things that are likely to get people’s attention and they would be willing to take a few minutes to respond to. Here are some ideas:

* Text-to-win. Invite people to text in to win tickets, coupons, etc. There is a specific campaign in the 2donate platform to set this up.

* Text to receive coupons. This feature can be set up around a keyword with coupons being sent out as soon as someone texts in, scheduled out at future intervals using the auto-responder feature, or can be sent out as a blast as desired.

* Text-to-vote. Invite people to vote on something they might be interested in.

* Take a survey. Use the Survey function in the campaign section of the platform to invite people to voice their opinions on a subject associated with your organization.

* Text for Info. Use the keyword or auto-responder feature and include a link to a mobile website where they can find information on your organization, cause, or event.

* The text-to-screen feature in the platform allows people at a talk, program, or event to text in a comment or question. This feature has a moderator setting that allows for someone to monitor the comments before they are made public.

Lists built using these techniques will consist of “warm” leads. These are people who are telling you they have an interest in your organization, cause, or event and are therefore prime candidates to respond positively to a text message inviting them click on a link to the mobile website and make a donation or purchase a product or service.

The Big Guys Are Doing It Every Day…

Big Business Is Doing It, When Will You Start Yours?

Big Business Is Doing It, When Will You Start Yours?


Use your imagination and start building a strong list today that will pay dividends for your organization for years to come.
You can guide your own destiny with our mobile platform, We design it to fit Your Needs.

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