About Mobile Marketing

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing means allowing people to find and access your business via their mobile devices… as well as using mobile technology to get your compelling message in front of local consumers.

Why should you bother about mobile marketing? Well, two trends have developed and increased steadily since 2010, with no signs of slowing down and every sign of expanding:

1. A higher number of people access the web only on their mobile devices

2. Smartphones are gaining quickly in popularity and will soon be the most common type of cell phone carried by consumers.

t’s now estimated that almost ninety percent of the world has gone mobile. Mobile marketing goes both ways: Your customers or clients use it… and companies, entrepreneurs and small business people use it.

How your customers use mobile marketing – Customers typically use mobile devices to:

* Search for products or services
* Search for information about a company or stores
* Search for the best deals – and coupons
* Find the nearest or most easily-accessed location where they can purchase such products
* Get directions to the store or office of their choice

These functions are often accomplished using either Advertising or Apps – written programs that perform a specific function, such as providing directions, or listing all shoe stores in a given geographic area.

WalMart, Old Navy, Target, Best Buy and Domino’s Pizza are just five major chains to recognize the power of Apps… but, according to web authority Mashable, people still prefer to search actual mobile sites rather than use Apps to find what they want.

In fact, searching via mobile device is the most common use of mobile devices. If your business has a mobile-friendly website that is easy to access, you already have a huge advantage over your local competitors. Checking social network feeds for recommendations and answers is another popular use your potential clients and customers make of their mobiles. Searching via Twitter or asking for recommendations or opinions via Facebook has become a natural activity for consumers. Knowing your customers’ mobile habits has become an important part of demographic research.

Here are a few things we can do with Mobile Marketing…

** Is cost-effective promotion campaigns even on short notice

** Can reach a wider audience and expand market share
** Will build better and longer-lasting customer relationships
** Will retain existing customers while enticing new customers
** Can penitrate the cell phone market and build brand awareness without having to spend a fortune on huge ad campaigns
** Can reach out to customers on the go and create a highly effective two-way communication
** Will integrate new, innovative forms of advertising and promotion with existing strategies without the need for large capital expenditures


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Mobile Marketing Should Be Incorporated With ALL Your Traditonal Marketing.