GM Caben’s Local Lift Program For Lawyers





When People See Your Ad And Your Media Authority, It’s Like Magic…

It Draws Prospects And Clients To You Like A Moth To A Street Light.






This Program Gives You Instant Ad Lift And Media Authority That Sets You Apart From The Other Gray Suits
While Positioning You As The Go To Guy In Your Industry.   


That’s Why Your Prospects And Clientele Will Pick YOU To Do Business With… FIRST.
As You Blast Your Ad To 100,000 – 225,000 – 400,000  Local Targeted Online Eye Balls.






 Almost Sounds To Good To Be True… It Almost Is.


Check This Out…We’ve taken Our Media Authority Program and ADDED The Online Display Ad Platform To It.
What You Get Are Some Kick-Butt Results.
Basically dominate your local area for gathering quality leads in a very short period of time.


Not only do you stick out from the crowd, like a sore thumb, your all over the place online.
When we add our Mobile Platform to the mix, You’re even on their cell phones, Locally.


You know as well as I do…You must keep your name out there and you Must Get Noticed.


With The Media Authority, “As Seen On” NBC-CBS-ABC-FOX Logos People Are Just Drawn To Them.
People Will Be Drawn To You And Your Business.


They Grab The Attention Of That On-Looker.


In their eyes,
You Are In The Media, You Know What Your Doing And You Have That Authority,
You May Have The Solution To Their Problem, They Proceed.


Media Authority Is Just The First Part Of This Business Builder.


The other half of this package is our Local Online Display Network.

Local Online Display Advertising is So Hot Right Now,
it’s a $9 Billion Dollar Industry and the Most Preferred form of advertising for Small Business,
commanding favorable results over PPC Campaigns by 68%.


Get Stats



We Then Carpet Bomb Your Local Area With Online Display Ads.

Beautiful ads, they will be displayed in all your local online directories for all to see.





We Set The radius of 5 miles up to 75 miles From Your Office.  Set Age, Gender, Interests, Demo-Geo – ALL Lazer Targeted.



Your ads will be shown on places like Yahoo, Dix,, WebMD, Yext, NBC-Sports etc.

Can You Feel The Power And The Reach Of This Network!

Ad Placement Locally

Ad Placement Locally



Forget that boring, unpredictable, financial black hole called Google PPC Text Campaigns
that drain your bank account into Google’s pockets.


People look at graphics, pictures more then they read anyway and the ads are strategically placed on the web and the pages.


We Are Very Good At What We Do, Here Are Some Ad Samples, These are screen shots. The real ads will move to attract the eyes.



Law Sample

They will be placed Strategically on the pages.


I bet when you were a kid you just looked at the pictures in that favorite book, it’s programmed into us.
People react to display ads in sort of the same way.

So turn it around and have Google and the other networks work for you
and get your ads out in front of your prospects and clients In Your Local Area.


You Will Be That… “Top Of Mind Awareness.”


And Un-Like the big display networks, that throw you to the wolves and Make You Design Your Own
Campaigns. The ads, text, graphics and keyword research, You Do All That, You Figure Out What Works.


We Don’t Work That Way. We Will Create ALL Your Ads For You.
We Know What Works.

My Team has been doing this for some time know, they know Exactly,
how to laser target your ads and optimize them for Maximum Results.

Bare With Me Here, just envision this for one moment.

Can you imagine for one minute, think of this…
Visualize The NBC, CBS, ABC FOX Media Logos. On an ad that represents You or Your Business. Right?



Maybe just you standing there or something…

And That ad would read something like, ” “We Get The Job Done”, or “You Win Or I’m Free” something like that….
With That Kind Of Authority, People DO Check You Out…Simply Lead Them To A Consult Page Or Give A Number, ETC.

Can You Feel The Love?






No Guess Work, No Wasted Efforts And A Great ROI.
Your Ads Will Be Awesome And You Will Get Leads.

Instead of me writing down all the benefits of these two Heavy Hitters,
here are the links below to read more.


Media Authority

Online Display Advertising


Can you see the power of this package?
If not, then your wasting your time here and this may not be for you.


You can Mix and Match ANY of our services or business builders to fit your needs.


You may need a New System All-Together….
Website, opt-in forms, sprinkle in a little social media or maybe you need some new graphics
or fix some Reputation issues, or the Mobile Appointment Reminder/Revenue Recovery with Display, Whatever…..


I Live For This Stuff.
I’ll get you what you need to succeed.


All these things need to be updated from time to time, the internet moves fast and Money Likes Fast.


The beauty is… I’m right here to work along with you to achieve the results your looking for.


Sorry…Getting back to it…


Because this is one of our Newest Business Builders I am offering a Massive Discount for this package.
Like with ALL My Business Builders At First, to roll it out.


And then, like always, the price will go to a fixed spot after a select few packages are taken.



BUT…This Package Is Missing One Major Component.





So I am adding a 3-5 Page Mobile Website to capture all those nice people on their Cell Phones,
which is Everybody.


So there you have it.


Total Local Domination.
It Rings Like Music To My Ears.


GM Caben’s Local Lift Program For Lawyers.
… Like A Moth To The Street Light.


And Really… My Business Builders Are Unique And Nobody, Nobody Has This, let alone Locally.
You Will Stand Out.


OK..No Smoke, No Mirrors and No Salesmen, here’s what we got….


If you act Today, I will discount this package…


$1169.00 OFF The Regular Price.


Lets break it down…

$797.00 Media Authority “As Seen On” Lifetime ABC-CBS-NBC-FOX Logos.
$897.00 Online Display Adverts. Basic Pak – 30 Day Campaign, 100,000 impressions (Min-3/mo)
NOTE: There are 3 Levels.
Basic @ 100,000 Impressions
Plus   @ 225,000 Impressions
Pro    @ 400,000 Impressions
$797.00/ Month (ADDED-No-Charge)
Custom Display Ad Campaign, Management Design And Implementation
$297.00 Online Display Set Up
$497.00 Mobile Website
$147.00 Mobile Site Set Up and Maintenance
$228.00 1 Year Hosting Fee and Domain, if needed.
$2863.00 VALUE and Future Price Point

New Client Discount ( I Guess You’re Out Of Luck, If You’re A Repeat Client/ Customer 😉
– $297.00 Online Display Set Up
– $497.00 Mobile Website
– $147.00 Mobile Site Set Up and Maintenance
– $228.00 1 Year Mobile Hosting Fee and Domain Name (if needed)
– $1169 NCD


That would be $1697.00 Investment Today.

Almost Half Off.

Get It Now!





And $897.00 next month for 2 months. (On-going discounts may apply) Month To Month.


So…$1169.00 And That’s In Savings That you can put towards your advertising.


Lets Re-Cap, You’re Getting:

* Media Authority ABC-CBS-NBC-FOX “As Seen On” Logos (Display For A Liftime)
* One Month (90 Day Min)
Online Local Display Ad Campaign, Management, Design And Implementation
* One Custom Lead Generating 3-5 Page Mobile Website,
Free Hosting and Domain (If Needed) and Maintenance For One Year.


I Can’t Promise You The World, But This program Will Bring You In Leads,
How Many And How Fast, That Depends On The Market.


But Rest Assured, You Can Have This Paying For Itself, Right Out The Gate!


It comes down to “How Much Is A Lead Worth To You?”


This Business builder Is Well Within Any Professionals Budget.


Please Note: Display Ads have a Min. of 3 month runs. Ad spend due at beginning of ad run.
With all the work involved and with putting all this together you should give yourself a little time to get off the ground.


Of course, we manage and tweak if necessary, for best ROI.


After One Year you will be charged hosting fee for your Mobile Site
and the Domain name is yours, if we ended up purchasing one.


You are Totally Hands Free, what I mean is …
you don’t have to do anything, except maybe give a heads up to your receptionist.


This lets us do our job and that is to get you more leads.


How Long To Completion?

A) The Media Authority takes 10-15 business days to get you picked up in the media
and to be able to sport the logos on your business or yourself for years to come.

B) The Online Display Ads are launched at per-designated times, usually beginning to end of month.
You will get a report showing all the vitals, like click through, bounces etc, monthly.

Average Campaign runs 3 to 6 months and in many cases up to a year and beyond.

It Depends on how long you want the Leads To Come In.


There Is Only ONE Last Question… and That’s…


How Much Is A Lead Worth To You?
Your New Client Getting System Will Pay For Itself, For Sure, In Short Order.


You will see a boost in monthly leads, does 3-10-20 new leads sound good?
The longer your ads run the better exposure for you too, right?

And you can and should put The Authority Logos, “As Seen On” On All Your Print Media
and get it on your website too.


You will not know if you don’t try and I am here every step of the way to ensure your money is well spent.
My Program Is Designed To Bring You Good ROI.


If You See The Value And Want To Move Forward There Are Two Ways We Can Go.


1) Click on the PayPal Button and get started right away. After Investment you will be Re-Directed to a
page for instructions on how to proceed.

2) Click on the “Make Appt” Button and set a time, and day when we can talk, if you have more questions
or you think you may need more information to make a decision on a Mix and Match. Man I Love Those…


The price will increase after the First 10 Sign Ups,
this package is awesome and the First 10 will go fast.


Start Being The Authority and Getting More Leads
With Your Local Lift Program.



Get Media and Display Placement, Today!




Starting Today!




To All Your Successes,
Greig ,

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