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Get Exclusive, Non-Incentivized, Laser Targeted, Phone Leads Calling YOU.


FULL DISCLOSURE: Get Your Phone Ringing, Increase Incoming Calls By 80% To 90%.
Interested.. Need Only Apply.


We Are Looking For The Young, Hungry, The One Man/Woman Show, Attorney That Wants Exclusive Leads, But Doesn’t Want To Spend $100’s A Piece, For Just One Click Doing PPC or Pay Per Click On Google.

We are not looking for the big corporate attorneys. We
are looking at the guy/gal that is in business for themselves. They
Are Doing A Lot Of Traffic Ticket Work. Staying Busy, But Wanting To Do
Better. They Are Hoping for the DUI, Some Criminal Cases, The Retainer Of
$10,000 and More.

* Most attorneys want to be attorneys, and not marketing experts for their practice.
* Law school was a lot of work.
* The Bar Exam is extremely difficult.
* Their client LTV (Life Time Value) is high.
* And just starting out, 1-4 years out of school is Tough, to say the least.
* Grabbing The Scrapes The Big Players Leave Behind SUCK.




We are only going to be working with clients who Want to work with us.
This Is A Very Exclusive Offer.

Our Screening For Selected Attorneys Is Time Consuming.
We Only Use Craigslist,, Small Localized Video Marketing Campaigns and Email Marketing, That’s It.
We Screen Each Attorney We Work With, They Match Our Criteria, They Get Contacted.
Only One Client Per Area, So NO Competition Between Our Clients.

We Want Partners For Life, It’s That Simple.


Costs of Lead Generation For Attorneys

The graphics below explain everything. For an attorney to guarantee the top spot in the Google search engine they are going to need to be using Pay Per Click, or PPC. The expense of a single click is astronomical.



I am showing you the most expensive search terms in the country. Imagine paying that for just one click. And those are numbers from searches where the advertising attorney really knows what they are doing when it comes to PPC
I even dropped it down in comparison to spots 60 to 75 and the cost per click is still very significant as you can see.




Another example on a local basis is if we searched for “Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney” below is what the average CPC is. This is information I got from which is a great resource.
You can see that costs run anywhere from 90 bucks all the way to 211 bucks EACH. And These Are CLICKS, Not Leads, CLICKS!



Search for a Divorce Attorney in the Phoenix area and he or she is paying 159 bucks per click.

Why Pay More?? On Average Our Phone Leads Are Far Below Wholesale, Around $60 to $75 Each, Exclusive, Non-Incentivized, Laser Targeted, Phone Leads Calling YOU. We Are Here To Help You Get Your Practice Off To A Grand Start.

We give you a tracking phone number, the Prospects Call You, you make that appointment and Close That Prospect.
Can You Handle 25 to 100 or MORE leads a month??

We show you ROI every month with our monthly reports.
Generally, any call over 30 seconds is a lead.

We Are Different On Purpose…


You want leads or you would not be here, reading this. Leads are going mean appointments for you. Appointments mean new clients for you.

Most attorney referral services are garbage.
They will generate leads, but not for JUST one attorney. When those leads come to you they’ve been “stepped on”, there’s competition for those people that call in. Not just one attorney gets those leads, BY THE TIME YOU GET TO TALKING WITH SOMEONE, THEY HAVE ALREADY BEEN CONTACTED BY ANOTHER ATTORNEYS OFFICE.

We Pride Ourselves With Being Exclusive, All Our Business Builders Are Just That, “Exclusive.”

Getting Our Clients Prime Leads Are No Different. They Are Exclusive, Non-Incentivized, Laser Targeted To Your Business, Phone Leads At BELOW Wholesale Price Points, Delivered To Your Business The Moment They Call.

GM Caben Is A Marketing Agency that delivers inbound calls for our Clients/Partners on a 100% performance basis.
We generate Hundreds of Exclusive Calls for our Clients/Partners each day through Search Engine, Social Media, Email, Display, and Video Marketing.

With an emphasis on delivering the Highest Quality LIVE, Inbound Calls In The Industry, GM Caben is positioning itself as a leader in the Call Marketing Industry.



Our Leads Are Some Of The Best In The Industry And At The Lowest Price Points Around. With Our Low Overhead We Can Afford To Pass The Savings On To You.

According to a study of 3,000 mobile searchers by Google & IPOS, nearly half indicated that they are more likely to convert elsewhere if they can’t call a business directly from the search result.




That same study shows that phone calls are a powerful measure of purchase intent and are most likely to happen when a prospect is ready to convert

While the study is focused on mobile search, let’s do some critical thinking about the behavior & mentality behind why people respond this way.


Personally, I know when I’m on my phone, there are times when I’d much rather just talk to someone because it’s way faster to finish what I’m doing.
For example, If I’m ordering a pizza, I don’t want to spend 5 minutes building a pizza & filling out a form, when I could just call and place my order with the person on the other side of the line.

While this isn’t the case for everyone, it was found that over half of the respondents said they always or frequently need instant access to the business they’re searching for. I think this stands true for most people.

Customers often report that phone calls have much higher order values on average than their web leads. And this makes sense. When prospects call, they benefit from the one-on-one help of a sales rep who can alleviate concerns and objections. Sales reps also have the opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell.



WordStream has also observed this phenomenon, reporting that phone calls are three times as valuable as clicks to a website.


So, How Does This Work?  Let Me Explain…


With the trial period, the process takes about 2 weeks to set up, sometimes less. Once the leads start coming in we will do a follow up after 2 weeks, ramping up after finding our marketing sweet spot.

The process is pretty straight foreward, You want to start small. We want to test your market and what will work marketing wise. We are going to deliver a trial package. The trial package is going to be five to ten leads so that you can test them. Also, we can test the market. Then we will start to generate the leads for you.

After the trial, we are going to see and determine how many leads that we can provide for you. And then you can get the full package anywhere from 25 to 100 leads. This is how we provide leads for you.

This opportunity is here so that you can either pay by the lead or I could charge as a Flat Monthly Service.

The beauty here is everybody wins, because I can charge you as much as I want per lead, keeping acquisition reasonably low and an ROI that looks good for my partner/client. You win, because you are going get a consistent stream of leads every month. You are making money, so I make money.

We could go after any sub-niche we want, DUI, Criminal, Elder Law with Search Engine, Social Media, Email, Display, and Video Marketing. as mentioned before. Whatever.

Our team of experts will work to understand the needs of each attorney, put together a plan and execute the marketing activities. This includes referral services, social media, newsletters, press releases and more.


Understanding Legal, Ethical Marketing Is What We Do.


**  We offer advertisers a 100% performance based pricing model for calls. Stop paying for worthless clicks and get guaranteed calls.

**  We have positioned ourselves as an exclusive provider of targeted phone phone leads for Attorneys

**  Our private invite-only network gives us the opportunity to promote exclusive campaigns at the best payouts.

**  Let us manage your entire campaign. From ad copy to media buying to optimization. We will drive profitable calls right to you.


Cut marketing costs by getting your message in front of the right people.


We can match any major competitor’s price with discounts available based on order volume.


If Call Leads are important to your business, and I know they are, you’d be wise to rethink mobile analytics all-together, as understanding a person’s behavior when they have their phone in their hand is a hell of a lot more complex than when they’re tethered to a desk somewhere.

If you want increased revenue, you want Caben Phone Leads.
Talking to a lead within 60 seconds increases your close-probability by almost 400%.
Capitalize on hot leads, simply convert that Prospect, and increase your sales.

If You Don’t Speak To A Lead, You Can’t Close It.
Use GM Caben and Caben Phone Leads to start closing more prospects today!

If You Don’t Take Action, Your Competitors Will.
Simply Fill Out A Time On The Calender, We’ll Talk About 5 Minutes And Set You Up To Get You Started.

Thanks For Stopping By.


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