Appointment Reminder-Revenue Recovery System



This Platform Truly is a Revenue Recovery System.

Ex: Lets say you have a business and that business requires you to set up appointments.
Like Auto Repair, Any Dr’s Office or Human Services, Hair Salons, Day Spas..
any business that relies on the customers/clients to come in via appointment.

As an example, say that business books 300 appointments a month (10 a day) and 30 people cancelled that month,
About 10%. Also Say that Customers Value is $200.00 each visit.

That is a loss of about $6000.00 a month.

Can You Afford That?
Can Your Business Afford That?

How About If You Could Get That Lost Revenue Back?

How About Just 1/2 Of It?

That’s only filling 15 spots and $3000.00 Bucks Recovered.

Back were it Belongs, in Your Pocket.
Here is what you do….

All you do is sent up your customers database in your “Online Control Panel” and send out a Text Messages to your Customers when someone cancels.
The days of having an employee make tons of calls to fill that space, Is Over.

Just go to Your Online Control Panel, Customized to Your Business and look at the database dashboard, the “send outs” go to the customers that are on the list. No need to spend wasted time on the phone trying to fill that open spot.

Just click some buttons, message goes out to the people that signed up for these “opened” slots, say something like,

“We have an opening Today @ 3pm. Get 10% off.
Respond YES To Book Appt.
1st Come 1st Serve.”

The reply comes in, slot filled in as little as One Minute.


Total Apt/Mo = 1000
% Missed= 5%
Av Cost per missed appt= 100
Recovery % = 80%

Monthly Lost Revnue+ $-5000
Mthly Recovered Rev+ $4000
Mthly text cost $400
Mthly ROI= $3600.00

You Get: 

*** Unlimited Texting
*** Set Up and Implement, Monitoring, Planning
*** Set up Mobile Opt-In List DataBase
Contact Manager/BO
Customize Online BackOffice
*** Unlimited QR Codes
*** Training Videos FOR BackOffice so your Managers can send
text messages to your clients.
*** Set up Mobile Opt-In List DataBase – Contact Manager/BO
*** No Marketing Texting- One on One or group Only

So Simple And Powerful And WELL WITHIN Any Serious Professionals Budget.